Holderness Master Plan and Science Building

Plymouth, New Hampshire

Mahan Rykiel (MRA) was part of a team that prepared a stakeholder-driven master plan for the Holderness School, a private boarding school in Plymouth, NH. The campus includes a relatively compact campus core and hundreds of acres of woodlands resulting in a distinctive campus setting. The master plan was looking to the future to identify aging facilities to renovate, identify new building opportunity sites, expand athletic facilities resolve vehicular and pedestrian circulation and enhance the campus landscape design.

MRA assisted with stakeholder facilitation, prepared a site inventory and analysis, and developed alternative development scenarios to review with the Planning Committee and stakeholders. In particular, MRA identified opportunities for campus facilities to better engage the outdoors including the creation of outdoor gathering spaces, outdoor classrooms and improved ecological practices for inclusion in the science curriculum. After completion of the master plan, MRA continued working with the team and school in the site design for a new science building and academic quad.