Planting Strategies

Morgan State University Academic Quad

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Mahan Rykiel led the design team for the renovation of the Academic Quad, a significant landscape which includes the most historic and iconic buildings on campus, mature canopy trees and a broad sweeping lawn. A major infrastructure repair project provided the impetus for the renovation which displaced existing walkways and introduced temporary ones.

Johns Hopkins University Open Space

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As the result of an overall campus master plan, Johns Hopkins University identified the redevelopment of its open space system as the most critical project for implementation. Mahan Rykiel Associates, in conjunction with a team of architects and engineers, prepared an Open Space Plan which addressed circulation issues, with the goal of creating a pedestrian […]

Ithaca College Master Plan

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Mahan Rykiel was part of a team that developed a master plan for Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY and was responsible for the landscape and open space analysis and recommendations component of the plan. Plan recommendations include creating a hierarchy of pedestrian pathways and open spaces to define a campus network and connect disparate portions […]

Holderness Master Plan and Science Building

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Mahan Rykiel (MRA) was part of a team that prepared a stakeholder-driven master plan for the Holderness School, a private boarding school in Plymouth, NH. The campus includes a relatively compact campus core and hundreds of acres of woodlands resulting in a distinctive campus setting.
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