Skyline Plaza

Skyline Plaza is a global shopping center with more than 400,000 square feet of retail space in the heart of Frankfurt’s Europa district. The 2.7 acre Skyline Garden extends and activates the architecture by creating a fifth façade with active and passive recreational opportunities. The landscape surface also serves to energize and augment the urban ecology of Frankfurt by creating a richly vegetative microclimate with native and adapted species, as well as, an advanced hydrological system that captures storm water; supplying 100% of the site’s irrigation needs. These features, along with the project’s programmatic intensity establish an environment that enhances both the quality of life for humans and non-humans in Frankfurt’s urban ecosystem. The landscape architecture team worked collaboratively with the building architects to realize the project vision.

The formal language of the intensive green roof at Skyline is both a reference to the rich garden tradition of the European Renaissance, as well as, a visual counterpoint to the undulating geometry of the building. The long lines and linear axes of the space serve to connect garden rooms and provide an armature around which to organize circulation. Three, main axes define the site’s orientation; two that are north-south oriented and one that is east-west oriented.

Programmatically, the northern half of the garden is the heart of Skyline Garden. Here, the interplay between major and minor paths diverge and stretch across the space, creating a dynamic rhythm  that unfolds as a series of activity rooms and garden follies including multiple play spaces for adults and children.  Contemporary furnishings around the periphery of these spaces including seating and lighting afford users moments of passive contemplation and leisure with views out to the city that complement and enhance the garden’s recreational character.

Location Frankfurt, Germany
Year 2013
Size 2.7 acres
Tags Green Roof, International