• Vision
  • Philosophy
  • Approach

Founded in 1983, Mahan Rykiel Associates is a 40 person landscape architecture, urban design, and planning firm headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. The firm works across scales to imagine and realize projects that enrich the human condition and support vibrant natural systems. Research and discovery guide project development that include public parks, civic plazas, state infrastructure, downtown and neighborhood plans, academic institutions, corporate campuses, mixed-use housing, private residences, healthcare facilities, hotels, and commercial centers. The firm cultivates this diversity to deepen and broaden its creative capacity to shape the built environment. Active collaboration across disciplines and sectors ensures that technical knowledge and resources are leveraged in support of each project. The academic and professional backgrounds of the firm’s talented staff enable the practice to communicate and respond to even the most complex client needs.

People need to see the sky and feel the wind, hear the water, and have opportunities to relate to one another. We create places that do that; plazas and streets, parks and cities.

We endeavor always to protect our environment; to connect people to the land and to each other.

We create places that strengthen and heal, taking from the land only what we need, in return offering all that we can;  leaving the rest for the animals, and the plants, and future generations.

Mahan Rykiel Associates’ philosophy centers on the core pursuit of design – to construct meaning and build relationships in the world. The firm seeks to realize this in every project as it articulates ideas in matter through design. This act is born and reborn at every site, with every client and and every collaborator. Research, dialogue, and discovery enable the real to be shaped by imagination – giving form to the invisible and substance to the intangible.

Mahan Rykiel Associates deploys a rigorous approach to design and planning to draw out and maximize the unique potential of each project. Our Collaborative Design Research methodology, the CDR begins with an initial three-phase research process that lays the groundwork for informed design and planning recommendations, as well as, targeted opportunities for innovation. Our strategy establishes a creative and pragmatic framework to address project needs while simultaneously looking beyond the brief to consider complimentary possibilities to add-value and enhance impact.