Creative People Thrive in Beautiful Surroundings 

At Mahan Rykiel – we are excited to be hiring again, click here to learn more. Other than working with nationally recognized project leaders on a host of projects that span the world – one of the great aspects of working at Mahan Rykiel are the people and the place we meet everyday –  the office.   Since we’ve been away due to Covid-19, there’s been some exciting additions we’re all anxious to take advantage of. 

Located in the historic Jones Falls Valley, the office overlooks the Jones Falls River – a green screen of beautiful trees you can see from your desk through large  windows that date back to 1798. From the office you can take a short hike to “the avenue”   in the Hampden neighborhood, where there are shops, restaurants, beer houses and breweries, cocktail bars, and lots of annual events.  Whether its a casual meal at the food truck turned restaurant – Truckstaurant, our local brewery (Waverly Brewing Company) or a one minute walk to have some of the city’s best pizza, craft beer and wine next door at Birroteca , there is plenty to enjoy in the area surrounding the office.


Having a busy day? No worries – take the elevator downstairs to one of the city’s newest food markets, featuring a thoughtful lineup of local merchants and makers including Crust by Mack Bakery, Wight Tea Co., Gundalow Gourmet, Homebody General Store, Ceremony Coffee, Firefly Farms Market, The Urban Burger Bar, and Heritage by Chef Rey Eugenio. Or – grab some friends from the office and walk through the market to have a cocktail and fresh oysters at True Chesapeake.

But what if you just want to relax or clear the mind with some exercise? Save money on a gym membership and head down the road to our office gym and infinity pool overlooking the Jones Falls River. Learn how the experience inspired Thomas Ventimiglia, a local film artist and writer, to write the blog, “If You Build It, They Will Come,” with the overarching theme that “Aesthetics is a form of ethics.” 

Mahan Rykiel Office Amenity Pool Deck
Local artist Thomas Ventimiglia visits Mahan Rykiel office amenity pool deck

The infinity pool and gym amenity shared by Mill No. 1 and Whitehall Mill are a few of the many perks Mahan Rykiel employees enjoy in the beautiful setting of the Jones Falls Valley.   


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