Biomedical Sciences and Engineering Building Universities at Shady Grove

Shady Grove, Maryland


2021 MD ASLA Honor Award

Setting the Stage with Open Space

Mahan Rykiel has been involved in the planning and implementation of the The Universities at Shady Grove Masterplan since 2002. Mahan Rykiel prepared the overall site and landscape design for the campus as well as the detail design for four building projects. Each of these building projects included implementation of a significant portion of the pedestrian circulation and open space network that unites the campus. The most current building project is the Biomedical Sciences and Engineering Building presented here.

Creating Connections Between Visitors and Nature

The landscape design pulls the character of the natural wetland through and around the building creating connections between visitors and nature as well as becoming the method of treating stormwater runoff from the project’s impervious surfaces. Pedestrian circulation follows the drainage and water treatment flow while extending the campus spine southward and connecting the campus to a recently completed parking deck.

Biophilic Experiences

Nestled between the north and south bars of the building are two intimately scaled courtyards constructed in natural materials of wood and stone, and planted for 4-season interest, offering immersive natural experiences for visitors. The sunny south side of the building is home to a tiered outdoor classroom and breakout space for BSE maker-lab space. A large lawn panel allows these functions to expand as needed while offering the school a signature space for hosting special events.