Mahan Rykiel Associates organizes its projects in to categories – Civic, Institutional, and Individual that reflect their intention and scale in the built environment. Each demands a unique set of considerations that inform the design process and add character to the project. Categorization provides our office with an efficient way to understand and respond to project needs, ensuring that each work is executed to the highest standards of excellence.      

Every project is an opportunity; to learn, to build relationships, and to realize responsive design solutions. On the Board projects come from across the firm’s project categories and vary in their phase of development. They highlight ways MRA thinks about design and problem solving and offers a window in to the firm’s approach to project conceptualization and delivery.

MRA’s civic studio acknowledges and affirms the ambition and pragmatism necessary to realize work at the highest scale of human organization. Projects in this category include PARKS, PLAZAS, INFRASTRUCTURE, URBAN DESIGN, DOWNTOWN REVITALIZATION, and other work that aim to achieve impact at the civic scale.

MRA’s insitutional studio respects and supports the cultural and conditional demands of projects within structured human systems. Projects in this category include ACADEMIC, HEALTHCARE, CORPORATE, and other work that focuses on influencing environments at the institutional scale.

MRA’s individual studio celebrates and cultivates the aspirational and experiential opportunities presented by projects that cater to the most personal expression of human action. Projects in this category include RESIDENTIAL, RETAIL, HOSPITALITY, and other work that seeks to enrich the quality of life at the scale of the individual.